Andrea Merten

dipl. acupuncturist & herbalist tcm-fvs

  • year of birth: 1971
  • sign/ascendant: gemini/virgin
  • languages : german, english, spanish, and some french
  • parents: peru-switzerland
  • siblings: sisters 3, brothers 3
  • passions: love, family, friends, tcm, and collectioning of great moments
  • motto : the good part of everything, and from the good part the best; no evil that for good doesn't come
  • conviction: orders at the universe

Andrea Merten picture


academy of chinese healing arts, chiway, winterthur

  • dipl. acupuncturist tcm-fvs (diploma of acupuncture)
  • western medicine basics

national hospital of traditional medicine, nhtm, hanoi, vietnam

  • practise


academy of chinese healing arts, chiway, winterthur

  • dipl. herbalist tcm-fvs (diploma of herbal medicine)

guanxi traditional chinese medical university, gxtcm, nanning, china

  • practise


gesellschaft für vitalpilzekunde schweiz, gfvs, winterthur

  • dipl. mycotherapist (medical mushrooms)

continuous studies until 2019

  • medical feng shui, lillian garnier bridges
  • knotty diseases, giovanni maciocia
  • primary channels, master jeffrey c. yuen
  • feverish diseases, master jeffrey c. yuen
  • pulse diagnosis, master jeffrey c. yuen
  • pediatrics, bob flaws
  • cold induced diseases, elisabeth rochat de la vallée
  • post tramatic stress disorders, master jeffrey c. yuen
  • cosmetic acupuncture, dr. radha thambirajah
  • face reading in chinese medicine, lillian garnier bridges
  • sleep, insomnia and dreams, master jeffrey c. yuen
  • akupunktur nach dem shang han lun, dr. arnaud versluys
  • medical mushrooms in tcm, thomas falzone und dr. heinz knopf
  • cancer and tongue diagnosis, barbara kirschbaum
  • laws of fate, dr. med. ruediger dahlke
  • medicine and basic principles, dr. med. ruediger dahlke
  • medical mushrooms in tcm, seminar a testing, corinna schaar
  • acupunture treatment of the upper extremities, whitfield reaves
  • depression as a cleansing of the soul, ralf luthardt
  • pain: a call for help, ralf luthardt
  • psycho-emotional attributes and disturbances, master jeffrey c. yuen
  • anatomically significant points, whitfield reaves
  • cancer, developpment, prevention, treatment, ralf luthardt
  • scar tissue rejuvenation, phil strong
  • cardiovascular diseases, marie-lore and fokke jonkman
  • 5 element acupuncture, deepening diagnosis, john and angela hicks
  • interesting cases in practise, prof. gunter neeb
  • gua sha seminar, dr. arya nielsen
  • medical mushrooms in tcm, seminar b cancer, thomas falzone
  • insomnia and anxiety, dr. yifan yang
  • combining western herbs and tcm in gynaecology, jeremy ross
  • adhd, autism, stress and exhaustion in children and teenagers, dr yifan yang
  • allergies and food intolerances in tcm, christine dam

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