recognized by swiss complementary health insurance

the costs for treatment with traditional chinese medicine (tcm) are covered partly by your complementary health insurance. since the reimbursement varies according the policy rules of each insurance, please clarify at an early stage the annual limit of benefits to which you are entitled.


  • first consultation: 90min, CHF 216.-
  • follow-up consultation: 60min, CHF 144.-
  • herbal prescription: 10-20min, CHF 24.- bis CHF 48.-

treatment duration

the duration of treatment depends on the persistence of the complaint, the severity of the illness and the individual's response to therapy. in the case of an acute illness, two treatments per week over few weeks should be expected; in the case of a chronic illness, one treatment per week over a few months is common. in the course of recovery, the treatment intervals are extended to every two to three weeks. in any case, it is important to understand that healing is not an event, but a process (miracles not excluded).


  • tcm-fvs, tcm fachverband schweiz, degersheim
  • asca, schweizerische stiftung für komplementärmedizin, freiburg
  • emr, erfahrungsmedizinisches register, basel

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