1st overview • release the exterior

📜 chinese herbal prescriptions that release the exterior

let’s start with the first category: release the exterior. which are the most important prescriptions in this category?

18 overviews – 18 categories of herbal prescriptions

these overviews are meant to be orientation points to which you can always return to to check the most common prescriptions in the corresponding category.

tcm pocketguide - 1st overview • release the exterior - wind-cold excess type

in the course of time you will find 18 overviews – one for each category:

🗂 release exterior
🗂 clear heat
🗂 drain downward
🗂 harmonize
🗂 treat dryness
🗂 expel dampness
🗂 warm interior cold
🗂 tonify
🗂 regulate qi
🗂 invigorate blood
🗂 stop bleeding
🗂 stabilize and bind
🗂 calm the spirit
🗂 expel wind
🗂 open the orifices
🗂 treat phlegm
🗂 reduce food stagnation
🗂 expel parasites