da huang fu zi tang • rhubarb and prepared aconite decoction • 大黃附子汤

👉 the chinese herbal prescription da huang fu zi tang is used for

cold accumulation in the interior, cold accumulation in the middle jiao.

🤕 symptoms indicating the use of da huang fu zi tang

abdominal pain, constipation, hypochondriac pain, chills, low-grade fever, cold hands and feet, aversion to cold, pain in the armpits, unilateral pain in the abdomen and hypochondrium, stiffness and spasms beside and below the umbilicus, pain in the waist and legs.

🤠 western interpretation of da huang fu zi tang

chronic dysentery, uremia, ulcerative colitis, uncomplicated appendicitites, and uncomplicated intestinal obstruction.

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💡 explenation of the mechanism

when cold accumulates in the middle jiao, it obstructs and constrains the flow of qi in the yang organs, causing abdominal pain and constipation. severere constraint from cold may lead to clumping, which causes the qi to rebel upward and produce pain in the hypochondria, the province of the terminal yin (liver) channel. it also interfers with the spreading of yang qi through the body, producing a feeling of cold, especially in the hands and feet.

this is different from the chills due to an exterior condition in which all parts of the body are equally cold. the accumulation of qi leads to stagnation in the intestines, which may give rise to a low-grade fever. the white greasy tongue coating and the submerged, tight, and wiry pulse are indicative of cold excess in the interior.

⚠️ important note: these prescriptions are not meant for self-medication and should only be prescribed by a licensed tcm practitioner upon a proper diagnosis.

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