si ni san • frigid extremities powder • 四逆散

👉 the chinese herbal prescription si ni san is used for

liver qi stasis heat constraint blocking the spreading of yang qi, true heat and false cold, liver attacking the spleen, jue yin and shao yin heat

🤕 symptoms indicating the use of si ni san

cold fingers and toes (body is warm), sensation of heat, irritability and fullness in the chest and epigastrium, hypochondriac pain and distention, abdominal pain, colicky diarrhea, dysentery, stress related feeling of butterflies in the abdomen, depression, bitter taste, belching, reduced appetite, tight neck, headache, dysmenorrhea, breast-distention.

🤠 western interpretation of si ni san

gastritis, peptic ulcer, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, hepatitis, intestinal obstruction, mastitis, fibrocystic breasts.

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💡 explanation of the mechanism

this is yang- or hot-type collapse (yáng jué), which is commonly due to heat entering the interior where it constrains the yang qi. this inhibits the spreading of yang qi to the extremities, causing cold fingers and toes (in contrast to depleted yang, where the entire limb is cold), and a warm body. the tongue signs reflect the presence of heat. the wiry pulse and the sensation of irritabilty and fullness in the chest and abdomen reflect interior constraint.

nowadays this formula is used to treat rebellious liver qi attacking the stomach and spleen, characterized by hypochondriac pain and distention, sometimes with epigastric pain and fullness, a bitter taste in the mouth, belching, reduced appetite, and a wiry, forceful pulse.

⚠️ important note: these prescriptions are not meant for self-medication and should only be prescribed by a licensed tcm practitioner upon a proper diagnosis.

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