xing su san • apricot kernel and perilla leaf powder • 杏苏散

👉 the chinese herbal prescription xing su san is used for

externally contracted cool-dryness impairing the lungs function

🤕 symptoms indicating the use of xing su san

slight headache, chills without sweating, cough with watery sputum, stuffy nose, dry throat.

🤠 western interpretation of xing su san

acute and chronic bronchitis, cough, bronchiectasis, emphysema, common cold, influenza, dyspnea, chronic obstrucitive pulmonary disease (copd), asthma, hoarseness, sore throat, upper respiratory tract infection (urti), nasal congestion.

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💡 explanation of the mechanism

the externally contracted wind-cold and dryness interferes with the disseminating and descending functions of the lungs.

headache and chills with no sweating indicates cool-dryness attacking the exterior.

when cool-dryness attacks the lungs it disrupts their ability to facilitate the circulation of fluids, and produces a type of congested fluids characterized by cough with watery sputum. since the nose is the sensory orifice of the lungs and the throat is part of the lung system, dryness in the lungs can lead to a stuffy nose and a dry throat. the dry, white tongue coating indicates cool-dryness. the wiry pulse indicates cool-dryness and congested fluids.

(bensky & barolet)

⚠️ important note: these prescriptions are not meant for self-medication and should only be prescribed by a licensed tcm practitioner upon a proper diagnosis.

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