huang qin • radix scutellariae • baical skullcap root • 黄芩

👉 this herb is used for patterns with

disharmonies especially in the upper jiao! damp-heat, toxic heat, fire toxin, blood-heat bleeding, restless fetus from heat, liver yang rising.

🤕 symptoms indicating the use of huang qin

upper respiratory tract infection, cough with thick yellow sputum, fever, irritability, flushed face, bitter taste, thirst, high blood pressure, headache, red eyes, restless fetus, colitis ulcerosa, morbus crohn, dysentery, diarrhea, epistaxis, hemoptysis, hematemesis and hemafecia

⚠️ not in middle jiao deficiency cold, diarrhea from cold, restless fetus from cold, lung empty-heat.

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